40 knots Graphic Design | Graphic Designer | Nelson | New Zealand
40 knots Graphic Design | Graphic Designer | Nelson | New Zealand

About 40 Knots

I love bringing brands to life through Graphic Design. My name is Anna, and I live in Nelson, Tasman, New Zealand.


About Me

I enjoy working with clients at all levels of the design process to provide a visual answer to their marketing needs. Whether that involves constructing an entire corporate identity or creating eye-catching event design, my focus is on lending creative expertise to suit businesses and their goals.

I offer a unique, comprehensive perspective, having completed my studies in Melbourne, Australia in 2003 after which I worked within an advertising agency and a book publishing company.

I have the experience, creativity and practical skills to design for a wide spectrum of advertising material that gets noticed.

Being a freelance graphic designer working from Tasman, Nelson, New Zealand. I am available for work both nationally and internationally.

If you like what you see in my portfolio, and believe that I would add value to your project, then contact me!